Picture of Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

Pictures of China: Photos of Chinese People And Chinese Children.

Picture of Kung Fu Master Xing Du.

Pictures of China from Dazu town and Chinese cities of Kunming and Dalian. Chinese boy climbs the Great Wall in pictures of China. Chinese people pictures of China with Chinese children on Dazu Road and Great Wall. Chinese workers in gulley in Guilin pictures of China. Pictures of China include Chinese mother and son in Dazu winnowing rice on street. Kunming pictures of China minority group singing on stage. Grand Canal barge in pictures of China with Chinese men on prow.
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Pictures Of China

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Pictures of China: Chinese People In Chinese Towns And Cities.

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Pictures of China: Chinese boy climbs Great Wall with mother.
The pictures of China on this page attempt to illustrate the diversity of the activities of the Chinese people. Pictures of China from Dazu have no comparison with the pictures of China from Dalian. Dazu used to be an isolated country town and is famous for the many caves and grottos containing rock carvings of Buddha and The Buddha's Disciples. The Dazu pictures of China were taken on the road from Chongqing to Dazu, and in the town itself. The coach ride from Chongqing to Dazu took us past many interesting locations. At one road stop, the rice harvest was in progress and Chinese farmers were building rice ricks high up in the roadside trees, to protect the harvested rice from rodents. Another of the diverse activites observed during this road stop, was stone crushing at the side of a small quarry. It appeared to be a communal venture as the 'workers' included Chinese men, women, and children. The sight of the strange foreigners alighting from the coach attracted the attention of the Chinese children who came to have a closer look.

The Dalian pictures of China were taken during the Chinese New Year Celebrations. Firecrackers in Dalian could be heard at different times throughout the days and nights of the Festival. We had travelled to Dalian from Beijing, where we had spent the New Year's Eve, hoping to have a grand display of fireworks and Chinese firecrackers. Of course, this did not happen, as they are banned in the capital city, due to the pollution they cause. There were no such restrictions for the Chinese people in Dalian, located on the coast where the smoke from the firecrackers was soon dispersed by morning breezes.

Pictures of China: Chinese Workers In Guilin Chase A Rat In Gulley.

Pictures of China: Chinese workers build gulley in Guilin.
The pictures of China taken in Guilin included one of Chinese bricklayers working in a trench. Just as we were walking away from the area, there was a lot of shouting and yelling. This was not because of the taking of pictures of China workers but because the workers themselves had spotted a rat running along the bottom of the trench. A noisy chase took place and the creature was soon despatched to the Chinese underworld ! Much work needed to be done with drainage at the time to cope with the increases numbers of tourists expected to include China amongst their countries visited. The work being carried out was very labour intensive, there being no shortage of workers in the area. At the time, the blue 'Mao clothes' were much worn by the Chinese workers.

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" " Many factors must be considered when deciding whether a person is Chinese. Apart from nationality (legal) reasons, place of residence (geographical factors), race (biological reasons), and ancestry (historical and genealogical factors), recognition as a Chinese and identifying with Chinese by that person and other people (mainly with those who share a close or intimate relationship with that person) is also very important. " " " Src: Wikipedia

A Selection from Robert's Wild Cards

Ancient barracks in pictures of buildings in Longzhou: The two ancient gun barrels outside the barracks shown in the pictures of buildings in China, were very popular with the local children and used for climbing. Pictures Of Buildings: Chinese army barracks and gun barrels in Longzhou, China.
The Chinese Dragon, mythical beast of legend is displayed in many forms. The open door picture of a Chinese Dragon at the entrance to the long driveway leading to the Temple Of Heaven in Beijing shows it was ready to defend its Chinese Emperor. Picture of Chinese Dragon at the Temple Of Heaven, Beijing
Pictures of Chinese farmers home with farmers son in living room. Front of open door of wooden Chinese farmhouse with balcony. Picture of bamboo furniture in home of farmer in China seen through open door. Family of Chinese farmer dig fresh water well in farm yard. Golden harvest of rice on yard of farm in China. Chinese characters on red paper in home of Chinese farmer. Mandarin teacher from China family of farmers. Picture of Son of Chinese farmer with friends in China farmhouse.
A Dim Sum meal of Chinese food served at a Chinese restaurant with a wide variety of Chinese dishes selected from trollies wheeled by the restaurant staff from table to table. Most of the food that had not been eaten at the end of the meal was packed in doggy-bags to take home. Picture of food, Dim Sum, served at a Chinese restaurant in Guilin
Pictures of People Who Are Happy: Open door pictures of Chinese boys in pictures of happy people sharing time together. Chinese cousins in the UK, one on a holiday visit from Guangzhou, China, laugh and joke together about nothing in particular, but they are happy. Picture of People: Chinese boys joke and laugh about nothing in particular, but just because they are happy.
Open door pictures of a Chinese wedding with ancient customs western style. Chinese wedding pictures as Bride and Groom return to Groom's home for Chinese Tea Ceremony, then to Park for photos. The wedding banquet shown in the open door pictures was in keeping with ancient Chinese Wedding Traditions. Picture of Chinese bride and groom at their wedding banquet
Photo shows happy children in school, school kids on street, and groups of happy kids sharing their happiness.
Happy kids and school children photos

Photo shows collage picture of families and friends met in China, and Round Houses, Waterfalls, Malaysian Wedding, and Happy People
Friends and Family Letter 2010

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Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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