Picture of Chinese character for Double Lucky, traditional symbol at weddings

Chinese Wedding Reception Includes Roasted Suckling Pig, Sharks Fin Soup and Steamed Fish.

Picture of Chinese character for Double Lucky, traditionally displayed at Chinese weddings.
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Chinese food pictures from a Chinese wedding reception in a London Chinese restaurant. Traditional Chinese dishes at Chinese wedding include Roasted Suckling Pig, a symbol of viginity, and Steamed Fish, a symbol of plenty. 330 guests at a Chinese wedding reception in a London restaurant enjoy tradition dishes of Chinese food. Pigeons, representing peace, and Noodles, representing longevity, served at a Chinese Wedding Banquet in London.
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Chinese Wedding Reception Pictures of Food Served at a Chinese Restaurant.

The pictures of the Chinese food shown on these pages were taken as the dishes were brought to table at a Chinese Wedding Banquet held at a Chinese Restaurant in London. The wedding banquet included traditional dishes of Roasted Suckling Pig, a symbol of virginity, and Steamed fish, a symbol of plenty.
Other dishes included Lobster, being red for happiness, Sharks Fin Soup as a sign of wealth, Pigeons representing peace, and Noodles for longevity. The twelve course Chinese Wedding Banquet started with Suckling Pig and ended with Chinese Cakes and Fruit.

At this particular wedding reception, each table served ten guests, and there were many tables in the banquet room. Despite the number of tables, the number of guests, and the number of courses for the wedding banquet, the service provided by the staff was efficient and prompt. When one course had been finished, the dishes were cleared from the tables, and the next course served with no noticeable delay; the guests were having a wonderful time!

To see larger copies of the Chinese Banquet Dishes click the thumbnails below, which will open in new windows. All new windows should be closed to return to this page of Chinese Food Pictures.

All the pictures of Chinese food shown on these pages are for information purposes only. The Chinese food pictures are strictly copyright of Metcn8.com, all rights reserved.

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Picture of first course at Chinese wedding banquet, traditionally Roast Suckling Pig, a symbol of virginity. Dish No 1
Suckling pig and jelly fish
Picture of Chinese food dish of crab meat as a ball on crab claw. Dish No 2
Crab Claws
Picture of Scallops and spinach, being the third course at a Chinese wedding banquet.. Dish No 3
Scallops and Spinach
Picture of Chinese dish of Sharks Fin Soup, a symbol of wealth, as served at a Chinese restaurant. Dish No 4
Sharks Fin Soup
Picture of Lobster, the red color being a sign of happiness, as served at a Chinese wedding reception. Dish No 5
Lobster, Ginger, Spring Onion
Picture of Roasted Pigeons as served at a Chinese wedding banquet; the pigeon being a symbol of peace. Dish No 6
Roasted Pigeon
Chinese food picture of roasted suckling pig as served at a wedding reception at a Chinese restautant in London.
The first course at the Chinese Wedding Reception was that of Roasted Suckling Pig, a symbol of virginity.
Picture of Chinese cakes being part of the last course at a Chinese wedding banquet in London.
The last course served at the Chinese Wedding Banquet included two sorts of Chinese Cakes and slices of fresh oranges with grapes.
Chinese Food: Picture of dish of abalone and spinach as served at a Chinese restaurant. Dish No 7 Abalone and Spinach Chinese Food: Picture of steamed fish, being a symbol of plenty, as served at a Chinese wedding banquet in London. Dish No 8
Steamed Fish
Chinese Food Picture: The ninth course of Noodles, representing longevity, as served at a Chinese wedding reception. Dish No 9 Noodles with crab and beans Chinese Food: Picture of tenth course at a Chinese wedding banquet; Glutonous rice with ham and egg. Dish No 10
Glutonous rice with ham and egg
Chinese Food Picture: Sweet red bean pudding with lotus seed, a symbol of a sweet life, as served at a Chinese Wedding Banquet. Dish 11
Red Bean Pudding
Chinese Food: Picture of small Chinese cakes, part of the last course at a Chinese wedding banquet. Dish No 12
Small Chinese cakes served with Orange slices and Grapes

Picture of Chinese character for Double Lucky, traditional symbol at weddings
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