China photo of workers sharing joke in Shanghai

Dalian Photo Collection From Chinese New Year Visit by Beifan.

China picture of tethered eagle at Yangshuo

Golden pebbles on Dalian beach at time of Spring Festival. Dalian beach with a wide promenade with large model of seashell on plinth. Golden sand of Dalian beach free of litter where cold water swimmers hosed down by woman attendant. Rowing boats on Dalian beach pulled up above water line. Crystal clear sea water at Dalian beach. Chinese characters inscribed on rock at Tiger Bay, Dalian. Cable car service across Tiger Bay to Chirping Birds Forest. Dalian fisherman's boat under repair near cable car station/ Chinese firecrackers not restricted in Dalian for celebrations of the Chinese New Year. Morning breeze clears Dalian city of smoke from firecrackers of previous night celebrations. Blue Glass Globe dominates Dalian City Square, near Gloria Plaza Hotel. Chinese cold water swimmers on Dalian beach celebrate Spring Festival with Chinese firecrackers. Temple Fair to celebrate Chinese New Year at Dalian held near Exhibition Center. Hot chilli sauce coats kebabs sold on stalls in Dalian for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Stalls in Dalian selling Chinese swords, childrens toys, and food, during Spring Festival. Insect models woven out of banana leaves by Chinese man in Dalian. Beijing housewives visiting Dalian during Spring Festival give demonstration of Tai Chi exercises. Chinese taxi from Dalian city to Constellation Square collides on coastal road. Road from Dalian City to Constellation Square crosses Friendship Gate. Pine trees grow in yellow earth of Dalian mountains. Chinese taxi driver leaves passengers at scene of accident on Dalian coast road, to return to Dalian city. Chinese characters inscribed on shallow drums in Constellation Square, Dalian. Dalian Squares, streets and pavements, free of litter at celebrations of Chinese New Year.
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Updated 1st May, 2010

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The Photo Of Dalian links are not listed in any particular order but amongst them you may find something of interest to you. Click the blue links to get to the relevant Dalian photo, which will open in a new window.

dal02. Chinese lanterns hang on trees in Dalian China photo from Workers' Park.
dal03. China photo of White Rabbit Lantern for New Year Celebrations in Dalian.
dal04. Models of white cows in China photo of Dalian Worker's Park.
dal05. Chinese children in Dalian China photo sit on models of cows.
dal06. China photo of Dalian park display, portraying legendary Chinese Maiden.
dal07. Park Lake with Three Mast Boat in China photo from Dalian.
dal08. White Rabbit display in China photo as Dalian celebrates Chinese New Year.
dal09. Photo of China pig model colored black, ridden by Chinese mother and child .
dal10. Lake display of large lotus flower with Chinese cherub in Dalian China photo.
dal11. Dalian boys ride model cows in China photo from Workers' Park.
dal12. Dalian photo of black elephant model in park mounted by two children.
dal13. Chinese Dragon photo from China park in Dalian with model of rabbit.
dal14. Chinese Tiger model photo from Dalian China during Chinese New Year.
dal15. Chinese cooks in China photo preparing Chinese New Year snacks at stall .

dalm01. Dalian photo of market entrance with stalls by open gates.

dalx01. Concrete Sea wall sections decorated with China characters for New Year.
dalx02. China Dalian photo of Chinese New Year plinth at Constellation Square.
dalx03. Photo of tall white columns in Constellation Square Dalian China.

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Chinese New Year Celebrations In Dalian...
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A Selection from Robert's Wild Cards
The start of these personal webpages and the Vietnam pictures, followed a chance meeting with a young man named Hoang in 1979. Hoang was one of the "Boat People" from Vietnam who arrived in the UK. In due course I was given the responsibility of teaching him some English. A few weeks later I met his family and friends, and subsequently their families and friends, and friends and families, of friends and families.... and so it was that the ideas for the personal webpages began. Picture of Vietnamese boy at wedding banquet in Haiphong, Vietnam.
Browse through the many China pics on the personal webpages and enjoy again a meal of Peking Duck with pancakes at the Qian Men Restaurant in Beijing. See what happens to the floor of a Ming Dynasty Hall after Buddhist Monks have stamped their feet for hundreds of years, as shown in the China pics from the Shaolin temple on the personal webpages of Robert. Picture of Beijing: Chinese man takes photo in Longtang Park, Beijing.
Photo shows happy children in school, school kids on street, and groups of happy kids sharing their happiness.
Happy kids and school children photos

Photo shows collage picture of families and friends met in China, and Round Houses, Waterfalls, Malaysian Wedding, and Happy People
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