Picture of Tiger's head as papercut

Nine Dragon Wall of Glazed Tiles in Beihai Park Portraying The Sons of the Chinese Dragon.

Picture of Vietnamese Bride and Groom at their wedding reception in Troyes, France.
Lake in Beihai Park, Beijing, with White Dagoba on Jade Island. Nine Chinese Dragons on Wall of Glazed Tiles in Beihai Park, Beijing. Chinese Dragons with Five Claws could only be owned by the Emperors of China. The nine sons of the Dragon, cavort on the Nine Dragon Wall in Beihai Park, Beijing. The Chinese Dragon is portrayed in Chinese architecture, paintings, and culture. According to legend the Dragon had nine sons, and each had a strong personality. Sons of the Chinese Dragon, depending on character, are used to decorate the legs of incense burners, or carved on doors.
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Nine Dragon Wall In Bei Hai Park, Beijing; Nine Sons Of Chinese Dragon.

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Bei Hai Park!? Why pay a visit to Bei Hai Park, Beijing, in December? Because in Bei Hai Park there is a Nine Dragon Wall to be photographed!

A screen just inside the entrance showed the layout of Bei Hai Park, with the Nine Dragon Wall located on the far side of the lake. The attendant at the entrance said it would be quicker to get to the Nine Dragon Wall by walking to the next entrance to Beihai Park, which would take about 10 minutes; it seemed much longer!

Before the Nine Dragon Wall was reached, five different people inside the Bei Hai Park were asked for directions, each one said it would take about ten minutes to get there!

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Picture of Chinese man and woman with baby in arms standing outside their yellow earth cave home in the Loess Plateau
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Picture shows pupils in a school classroom in Huai Hua with raised up hands, greeting a western visitor
Metcn8 Website
Picture of very large water lily leaves floating on surface of pool in Botanical Gardens, Xishuangbana.
Chinadan Website.
Picture shows two young Vietnamese schoolboys walking on road in front of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Beifanchina Website.
Picture of young boys of a Chinese Minority Group, showing signs of malnutrition, gathered on a road layby, near their home.
Chinavisit Website..

The Chinese Dragon is said to have had nine sons, each having their own names and characters, and so their images are portrayed in different ways. The images of the Dragon named Haoxian decorates the eaves of palaces, because he has a reckless and adventurous nature. The Dragon's son named Suanmi likes fire and smoke so his image is associatd with incense-burners. Bixi, said to be the Dragon's oldest son, is strong and steady and used to carry heavy loads. Yazi is seen on swords; Chiwen on peaks; Baxia on bridges; Pulao on bells; Qiuniu on musical instruments; Jiaotu on doors; This may be the reason why an image of one of the Dragons is so frequently seen at different locations in China. There is a similar Nine Dragon Wall at the Forbidden City in Beijing on which a broken glazed tile was replaced with a painted tile due to the imminent arrival of the Emperor on a visit of inspection. It is not known whether the Emperor was aware of this temporary repair!

Move your mouse over the photos for a description. Click the photos for larger copies opened in new windows which should be closed to return to this page. All images of Beihai Park and of the Nine Dragon Wall are strictly copyright metcn8.com, all rights reserved.

Picture of Lake in Beihai Park, Beijing, with White Dagoba on Jade Island.
Picture of Nine Dragon Wall of Glazed Tiles in Beihai Park, Beijing, portraying the Nine Sons of the Dragon.
Picture of Chinese Dragon being one of the Nine Chinese Dragons on Wall of Glazed Tiles in Beihai Park, Beijing.
Picture of one of the nine sons of the Chinese Dragon with Five Claws which could only be owned by the Emperors of China.
Picture of Chinese Emperor's Dragon with five claws, one of the nine sons of the Dragon, on Nine Dragon Wall, Beihai Park.
Picture of one of the Sons of the Chinese Dragon that, depending on character, are used to decorate the legs of incense burners, or carved on doors.
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" " On the north bank lies the Five-Dragon Pavilion, which was built in the Ming Dynasty. The Nine-Dragon Wall lies north of the Five-Dragon Pavilion. It was built in 1756 and is one of three walls of its kind in China. It was made of seven-color glaze bricks. Nine complete dragons playing in the clouds are decorated on both sides of the wall. " " " Src: Wikipedia

Wild card shows Dalian Golden Pebble Beach stall selling seashells of different shapes. Large model of seashell on Daliam promenade. Dalian China hotel near beach of golden pebbles. Picture of Chinese rowing boats on Dalian beach in Robert's wild cards. Cold water swimmers in Dalian hosed down by Chinese woman. Dalian picture of footprint in the sand lapped by breaking wave.
Seashells on stall at Dalian
This Great Wall China picture shows the view looking down from one of the towers to the bottom landing, from where we started our climb. The Great Wall China picture does not show the sections without steps, nor the steps on the steeper parts with uneven heights. The handrails were highly polished from much use. Picture of the Great Wall taken from a tower
Joke shared by Happy People spending leisure time in Park at Changsha on a Sunday break. Robert's wild card about three young Chinese men who have derived some benefit from the increase in the number of tourists visiting China. Xiao Cheng 1 and Xiao Cheng 2 were both waiters, and Xiao Zhang a barman in the Furama Hotel in Changsha. Happy people sharing a joke in park at Changsha
On a visit to a Farmer's Market near the Temple of Heaven we saw this bearded man who had arrived on a bike almost as old as his 87 years. Adding his image to the pictures of old people in Beijing was no problem, but he requested that copies be sent to him. It was difficult to assess his true age, not that it mattered, for old people of whatever age are well respected in China. Pictures of Old People: Chinese man with white beard in farmers market, Beijing.
Photo shows happy children in school, school kids on street, and groups of happy kids sharing their happiness.
Happy kids and school children photos

Photo shows collage picture of families and friends met in China, and Round Houses, Waterfalls, Malaysian Wedding, and Happy People
Friends and Family Letter 2010

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Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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